IGN GDC 09: Terminator Salvation Hands-On

IGN writes: "The Terminator franchise is set for a reboot of sorts this May. Though it maintains the continuity of the first three films, it puts the franchise back in line with the themes of the first two Terminator movies (where the future can be changed). And the GRIN-developed Terminator Salvation could be seen as a reboot on the games side, edging the man vs. machine series away from recent scrapheap offerings. The future is what we make it and with GRIN behind the latest Terminator title, a gaming apocalypse may be avoided."

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Christopher3401d ago

The flanking system and the AI to go with that seems kind of like it could be annoying. Do like the removal of regenerating health so you can't just hide out for a bit and go for another try.