More Ratchet and Clank News coming later today

PlayStation Gamer UK Writes: "Insomniac Games have confirmed on their twitter account that there will be more information for upcoming title Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time will be posted on the official PlayStation Blog later today. Earlier today Sony French Division announced the game via a press release."


UPDATE - Information now up on the Official PlayStation Blog

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Sevir043256d ago

The trailer and a breadth of information will be shown to public today... I've seen the trailer 2 days ago. Being apart of Sony's Focus groups has it's perks. If you all think quest for booty or TOD was good looking and playing Just wait till you see the trailer they have.. The game looks amazing.. heads and shoulders over the previous games in the series on the PS3.. ^^

just watch out.

LarVanian3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

Lol this is Insomniacs fourth full PS3 game. It was bound to look amazing.

Pennywise3256d ago

Not surprising hearing it looks better, but the last game looked like a pixar movie... I cant wait to see it!!

I need to buy QFB to catch up on the story.

solideagle13256d ago

i m a software engineer especially websites in ASP.Net i know programming stuff but i cant just think any other words to describe my attitude towards INSOMNIA.......
"How the F**k they do it per year?"
i mean come on man are they humans or dont they have lives? if i somehow went into this industry this is the first company where i will drop my CV.


LarVanian3256d ago

Napoleon Dynamite: Yessssssss

Sarevok3256d ago

It better have Mini nukes that shoot out mini robot spiders that shoot mini lasers!!!

Lucreto3256d ago

It is insomniac so anything can happen.

You should enter the weapon competition with that idea.

360RRODFIX3256d ago

Wonder if it is PSN title or full disc game...

resistance1003256d ago

A full disk game i suspect

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