Gerstmann Sings Journey at GDC 09

TGR captures video of Jeff Gerstmann on stage with Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos rocking out with the newly announced "Don't Stop Believin'" for the Rock Band store, and the ensuing insanity.

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Bumpmapping3068d ago

haha Gerstmann is the man!

NeverforgetNES3068d ago

Absolutely hilarious. Loved the video.

Rich16313068d ago

LOL! Gertsman is a funny guy, I always liked his video reviews.

XxZxX3068d ago

Gerstmann, still suck in my book.

SirLarr3068d ago

Awww nah he's a neat guy

cain1413068d ago

He seems like a decent guy, but boy did he get lucky by getting fired. A few years ago I would have been who?

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