Afro Samurai Title Update

The update brings a set of features that will further enhance the gameplay experience:

* Camera settings can now be accessed through the Options menu
* Invert camera control option has been implemented
* Gameplay tuning – Improved Brother 6 boss fight
* Multiple bug issues have also been resolved

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thisguywithhair3526d ago

No trophies? Weren't all games released in 2009 supposed to have trophies?

Pennywise3526d ago

Only games submitted after Jan 09. This game started production a while ago... A lot of devs threw trophies in last year because it was the right thing to do. Scamco felt it wasnt I guess. I wanted to play this game, but bad reviews + no trophies = no time from me.

thisguywithhair3525d ago

I rented the game hoping for some quick trophies. No go. Plus there was nothing to do, afetr a while the hacking and slashing just gets old.