God of War 3 Developer Interview #4 - Lead Programmer Vassily Filippov Answers Your Questions

Jeff Rubenstein: "We know you've got questions about God of War III - the developers have answers. All during this year's GDC, we've been introducing you to the game's devs, as they explain their contribution to the GoWIII, and what's going to make the game great. Today, things take a turn for the technical, as Lead Programmer Vassily Filippov talks about how much bigger God of War III is than its predecessors, the power of PS3's SPUs, and how PS3 Kratos couldn't even fit on a PS2."

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remanutd553547d ago

cant wait for tomorrow's interview lol

Karum3547d ago

Been watching these videos all week and they are very interesting. I can't imagine how hyped I'm going to be for this game after seeing the combat director interview tomorrow!

AntoineDcoolette3547d ago

Is the guy being interviewed Scandinavian?

Christopher3547d ago

I have high hopes for the game, but I hope their new implementations are more optional rather than forced gimmicks. I don't want to have to ride some giant creature in each situation that they're present when I can just kill everything on the ground.