The Unholy Blasphemies of Gaming "No matter what the era, classics are still recognisable in the eyes of their followers…and are still called into question by some mook or another. An issue once thought as harmless becomes a flaming wreckage of ideals and mass stupidity so as to no longer warrant any clean conversation amongst fanboys. Some times, the simple act of not partaking in a classic genre or title could be a sin in itself. And other times, you could go against all common sense and enjoy some of the most mindless or unenjoyable forms of entertainment. Other such lines exist, lines one does not cross in the realm of gaming. However, these are the unholy blasphemies that a gamer must never commit, much less utter. So whether you've spoken or committed them, it's never too late to repent."

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Sarevok3550d ago

You should see the Spoonyone's Final Fantasy VIII review

Nike3550d ago

Best review ever.

Of course, that only adds to the point that people who love FF8 are just setting themselves up for ridicule. :)