GamesAreEvil's Review of MLB '09: The Show

GamesAreEvil writes, "As sure as the sun will rise in the east and set in the west, you can sleep soundly knowing that annual installments in sports franchises will continue for as long as people are stupid enough to buy them. Fortunately, there are brands like MLB: The Show, that focus on more than just tweaking rosters in the offseason. Will this year's installment be another aggressive swing for the fences, or will Sony decide to play it safe and lay down a bunt?..."

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CrAppleton3463d ago

Looks like this beat MLB 2k9

bgrundman3463d ago

Yeah from what I have seen it is far and away better.

CrAppleton3463d ago

I wish a high end baseball game like this was available on 360

Neco5123463d ago

same here, I guess if you have a ps3 it's alright though

Spolodaface3463d ago

hmm yeah, seems a strange type of game to have as an exclusive. Not a fan of baseball anyway but a good game might sway me.

killyourfm3463d ago

Hey, Sony's exclusives are few and far between. Let them have this one :-)

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killyourfm3463d ago

It's interesting...I work in game retail and have overheard not only my employees, but also other customers IMMEDIATELY recommend Sony's slugger over MLB 2K9 every.single.time.

Terrific review, and it's backed up in the real world...

Neco5123463d ago

wow, I guess since I don't have a ps3 I'll have to pass on this great game. bummer

CrAppleton3463d ago

I actually liked MLB 2k9, but I guess this one does beat that out.. Looks like 2k will have to try harder next year