IncGamers: Ghostbusters - Hands On [Wii]

Tim McDonald looks at the Wii version of the official videogame out later this year.

"When there's something strange in your neighbourhood, who're you gonna call? Derek Acorah! Or the Ghostbusters. When you're making the third part of a much-loved trilogy as a computer game, and need someone to handle the technical limitations of the Wii version and make a different game, who're you gonna call? Red Fly Studio!"

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thetamer3220d ago

I can't wait for the Ghostbusters game on teh Wii. I hope that it's going to be as good as I expect it to be. I might have to call on someone else otherwise.

Leord3220d ago

Oh, hohoho, hahaha, so funneh.....

Leord3220d ago

...I really look forward to this game. I've heard negatives and good things, but I am really excited, actually!

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Fyzzu3220d ago

Ugh, really hate the style for the Wii version. Hope it's better than it looks.

AndyA3220d ago

God, I hate Derek Acorah.

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The story is too old to be commented.