CONSOLE WARS: Why Won't Hardcore Gamers Let Nintendo Wii Join The Fight?

Candid Anthony of writes, "Why wont we let the Wii join the fight?"

"In this gaming generation there has been a disruption in the force that has caused many hardcore gamers to scratch their heads in wonder. Most tell themselves this annoyance is just an anomaly it can't possibly be a true contender, yes it has us outnumbered but eventually it will come down to earth and be surpassed. The Wii is a Toy, a gimmick!" Read More...

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ogwilson3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Wii won't need to join the fight. Nintendo and the Wii enthusiasts are laughing because there is no fight to be had for them. They're like Sweden during World War 2, or all the other neutral countries: except they really don't have to care.

Bazookajoe_833219d ago

But the reason why sweden didnt join is because we wouldnt have much to put up (And we made alot of money selling metal from our mines to the germans.

Chubear3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Nintendo is ahead in sales because of their new primary fanbase in the general public. Everyone knows if it was just up to primarily gamers, Nintendo's wii would be struggling to out pace the GC.

The core gamer is no longer Nintendo's primary core base and that's why the vast majority of gamers aren't bothered if Nintendo sells 1 billion consoles cause it's just not a big deal to them.

It's like saying Leap Frog's Leapster out sold even the DS for hand held gaming. Most gamers would go ""

Flipgeneral3219d ago

It's obviously true that Nintendo said, "screw the hardcore, lets go for the rest of the potential market"

And guess what... it worked like a charm. Unprecedented sales

Bnet3433219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Many Wii owners are trying to fight off the dust on their Wii's, I'd saying their barely surviving.


Read the title, HARDCORE GAMERS. You know, as in, give me 5 good games a month not a year.

Montrealien3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

(They're like Sweden during World War 2, or all the other neutral countries: except they really don't have to care.)

You mean neutral like Norway was during ww2? lol

Anyways, Nintendo got the casual market when it was ripe for the picking and nintendo owned that. The supposed (hardcore) gamers he is refering to are pretty much just the vocal minority we see in comment sections of forums. Imho the market is pretty much the same as before with the new found casual home console market as it`s gravy.

And a gamer is a gamer, the term Hardcore can mean many things and does not mean someone who buys 5 games a month. Someone who plays wow and raids and runs guilds are not concidered hardcore gamers? Or the guys that play sports games like a religion with friends but could not care less for shooters or rpgs? Or my mom that games more on Pogo somtimes then I do on my own consoles?

All those people I discribbed are gamers, the self labeled hardcore we see being thrown around is crap. They are mostly just b*tchs that think they are something they are not and actually think they are better then others, which is only true in there own little (hardcore) world.

barom3219d ago

lol @ how dumb the norwegians and the swedes are for just standing on the sideline during WW2, did they really think it wasn't going to affect them. Not something to be proud of guys/girls... *just waiting for the disagrees*

TriforceLightning3219d ago

Wii is king no need to worry about the pawns.

BrotherNick3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

You guys should be buying more consoles, instead of hanging out here. Maybe you can keep up. ;) I'll be back when the wii needs actual defending from these peasants.

Montrealien3219d ago

Wy so judgment brothernick? I was buying consoles when your mom was watching the Cosby Show after school wondering if she will be a mommy one day.

Maybe you should not asume that a few people arguing means they automaticaly do not play games or buy more consoles and call them peasants.

Bazookajoe_833218d ago

Well i wasnt born during ww2, and ill might not have been if we would have been involved in the war. And sweden were pretty safe anyway, we would have blown our mines if the germans attacked. They wouldnt want to risk that.

barom3218d ago

I dont wanna gonna go into it a too much but all I'm trying to say is that being neutral during WW2 is not something to be proud of. For quite obvious reasons in my opinion. Being neutral during that period TO ME just shows signs of weakness either from being a coward or just stupid. We know right from wrong and although wars usually are not all black and white, this one kinda was. And in addition to that countries that were "neutral" were being invaded left and right (this includes Norway btw).

Also I believe the only reason why Sweden was not invaded was because Sweden actually supported Germany by providing materials (steel etc). If I controlled Germany I know I wouldn't waste resources on a country who was semi-supportive when there are other countries to be conquered.

Anyway I'm getting quite off-topic and non-game related so I'mma stop here.

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lastboss3219d ago

Because the old gen fight (PS2/NGC/Xbox) is over and the PS2 won !
Wii is a NGC since the more beautifull game on Wii (biohazard 4) was made on Wii 2 years before.

qohelet3219d ago

gen are not defined by the hardware.
get over it. wii is current gen. adn winning.
cry more

ape0073219d ago

because all the wii sales,reputation and overall view is casual,gimmicky games

although wii has some amazing nintendo games

badz1493218d ago

breaking records and swimming in cold hard cash profits and everything but why talk about joining the war or anything at all? everybody knows that the war is between PS3 and 360 thus many side-by-side comparisons and then this exclusive is better than that exclusive and stuffs going on! Wii is winning the customers this gen but it's pretty much in the race on it's own! when was the last time anybody sees comparison video of a Wii vs PS3/360 version? it's pretty much inexisting because there is no fvcking point to do such thing! why bother joining a war when you're clearly handicapped?

this war is like a football match, Sony vs M$ fighting and Ninty is somehow trying to join in the atmosphere by selling hotdogs+snacks+drinks to both crowds in the stadium while also selling the same thing out side the stadium to other people not watching the match! see? Sony and M$ fight hard and loud inside the stadium to make money while Ninty is watching the match inside the stadium while also making money plus making money outside the stadium where neither Sony nor M$ does! so...following the analogy, when talking about football(gaming), people talk about Sony and M$ while although making more money, Ninty is not the headlines! if talking about profits, yeah definitely Ninty is the headlines for selling to a larger crowd.

you are selling many more consoles? good for you! you have the most exclusive? also good for you! but to start considering yourself fighting with PS3 or 360....sorry Ninty, techincally you're handicapped!

SasanovaS7773219d ago

this generation has been focused on the hardcore gamers, so nintendo once again took the revolutionary rout.... hate it or love it, they are once again making history by bringing the common gamer out of people who never knew they had that side...what they are doing now will pay off for sony and them in the long run when the majority of the wii fans grow up and get more familiar with the gaming the end, everyone wins

hotdawg3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Theres no revolution at all just motion controls, besides hardcore gamers dont have as much to play on Wii that's why they are left out. I think Sega will single handedly save the Nintendo hardcore gamer, which is so ironic given their history.

Mr_Bun3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

It isn't just motion controls or the lack of quality titles....the wii is basically the worst of the 360/PS3...

-PS3s have HDD on all models and can play DVDs/Blu-rays
-360s have arguably the best online experience and some of the best games of this console generation
-Both sides argue over who has the highest resolution/best looking games but...

The wii has:
-no HDD
-An obnoxious amount of shovelware
-the fewest online games available
-the worst online experience...12 or 16 digit wii number...come on!
-and isn't capable of HD graphics

It just got the ability to playback DVDs late last year god's sake!

maniacmayhem3219d ago

@ Mr Bun

And yet it outsold the PS3 and X360!

So basically you don't need all the bells and whistles that I see everyone on N4G defending to the death to be a good selling system.

phosphor1123218d ago

Nintendo has made lots of hard games in its day, those hard games (like Super Mario Brothers) created the hardcores. You play a Mario game today, and it's nothing compared to its older counter parts looking at the difficulty alone.

These challenges in games made the "hardcore" gamers. The play for the challenge, the fun. Even games on the NGC came out hard. Wario Ware? Think that's for anybody? Yes, it is, BUT any group of hardcore gamers can and make that a challenge amongst one another.

On the other hand, when you play the Wii, the games are easy. They make the controls completely easy for the "hardcore" group, because they take in count for user accessibility. Only game my friends ever play on the Wii is brawl, and for the most part we still like Melee better. But for the most part, the games are just really easy now. And if its too easy, it no longer becomes fun. It happens with any game. The challenge becomes something trivial, and the pleasure of betting those challenges, disappear.

Of course there are really awesome games like Madworld and such, but with no replay value added by a reward system and no multiplayer, whats the use? Once you beat the game 2 or 3 times, you put it up and the Wii yet again collects dust.

PS3 and 360 gamers are fighting each other over a console that represents technological strength, superior gaming experiences, and moments to remember. Every Wii owner I know (that isn't a girl[cuz all my guy friends are hc gamers]) is very disappointed with the Wii.

Nintendo isn't doing what they do best anymore. Now they only make games to appeal to the crowd, not to entertain the gamers.

Click agree if you feel the same way.

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bob saget remix3219d ago

Because the Wii has zero hardcore games.

morganfell3219d ago

Exactly. The only people stopping Nintendo from joining the fight is Nintendo.

SaiyanFury3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I won't say the Wii has zero games. Obviously Nintendo's found it's crowd with the casuals, and that's all fine and dandy. If those people don't want to get an HDTV and join the rest of the world, that's their prerogative. I'm not talking about who's winning the sales wars because frankly I've stopped caring. I get the most out of my home theatre with my PS3, period. My wife can't stake the same claim with her Wii. My HDTV is 61" 1080p, and my A/V Recevier is 7.1 channels at roughly 1000 watts with a 500W powered subwoofer. The Wii has nothing to cater to the home theatre experience. No HD resolutions, no streaming media capability, limited online functionality, heck it doesn't even have basic DVD playback. The Wii might be getting DTS codec support, and I applaud it for that, although because the console doesn't support HD home theatre graphics, I don't really see the point considering that most people who have a Wii, don't have it hooked up to an A/V Receiver. While the casuals are having a bit of fun with WiiFit, I'm enjoying games like Valkyria Chronicles with it's lush presentation and fabulous DTS 5.1 soundtrack. While the Wii isn't a bad console, for a mature home theatre enthusiast, it doesn't bring anything to the table.

ChickeyCantor3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

" Obviously Nintendo's found it's crowd with the casuals, and that's all fine and dandy"

You know you dont try to offer them games like " killzone2 " or something, you have to start simple and build upon that.

LMAO bubbles.

qohelet3219d ago

define "hardcore"

hardcore is a marketing concept invented to lure in teens adn kiddies into thinking gaming is serious businees.
obviously you fell for it.

enjoy your gears of war and halo

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