Far Cry 2 Is Half Off Today

Valve has revealed today's Ubisoft 24-hour Steam deal and it's another pretty recent game: Far Cry 2. If you grab it by this time tomorrow, it'll cost you half the normal price.

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Ghoul3550d ago

far cry 2 = biggest disapointment of 08

EvilCackle3550d ago

Really? It beat Too Human? :P

Ghoul3550d ago

yes couse i never had any real hope for too human other then being a decent game (wich it sadly aint)

farcry2 instead offered a kickass openworld engine Dunia. But the game in the end is boring as hell repedetive and simply dull.

Tomji3550d ago

I'd pick it up if it came without the 3rd party extra DRM on top.

pansenbaer3550d ago

I bought it for PS3 and was very disappointed. But that was before I was totally in to trophies :) I might buy it if its ever half off for PS3. But ghoul is right, it was a pretty big disappointment.

free2game3653550d ago

I think the big problem was that it lacked any QA testing and was too rushed. Another thing was that the porting to consoles was kind of poor, technically it's solid, but the gameplay just doesn't feel like it was designed for a pad at all.