Learn Chinese With An MMO

A new MMO is in development which aims to help gamers learn Chinese characters.

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thetamer3498d ago

Now you see, if people can learn elvish and hobbit, then why not a real langauge?!

Leord3498d ago

Huh? You mean there are games to learn people those languages? I know Tolkien made like 7-8 languages and then a world for those languages, but still... Is there schools to learn hobbit?

XxZxX3498d ago

gheesh, MMO school, how exciting

AndyA3498d ago

Sounds like a good idea, if it works as well as they claim.

Leord3498d ago

Things have a tendency to NOT work as people claim =)

Fyzzu3498d ago

That's actually a pretty cool idea. If, y'know, incredibly odd.

Leord3498d ago

Wow, that's cool. It's on level of silliness with the "Learn English with StarCraft" book for Koreans.. =)

Dorjan3498d ago

Fantastic idea!

You see china, why fight our culture when you can express yours!

Let's hope it works.

Leord3498d ago

Yeah, lets just hope the government understands that.. They are starting to restrict all thing non-Chinese in terms of games (probably movies etc as well).

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