GDC: VG247 LIVE from the Kojima keynote

VG247: It's a relentless, GDC liveblogging rollercoaster, Batman. We're coming at you live from Hideo Kojima's GDC keynote in San Francisco.

To be sure: the speech starts at 10.30am PST and lasts for 90 minutes. That's a 5.30pm GMT start, or 6.30pm CET if you're on the mainland.

Hit the link for all the updates. We should be getting started soon!

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-x.Red.x-3403d ago

what ps3 exclusive do you have for us now...

Godmars2903403d ago

If he actually announces something, if he half announces something, the internetz will EXPLODE.

SL1M DADDY3403d ago

Another Policenauts game?

Conan9973403d ago

he didn't say anything about a new game,
just how he has to jump over hurdles with each iteration of a new game.

We'll have to wait for e3

umair_s513403d ago's over why no new announcement?...Damn, gotta wait till E3

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iNcRiMiNaTi3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

announce zone of the enders 3.....please? i dont care if he has nothing to show, knowing if zoe3 is in development or if hes working on it will be enough

Why o why3403d ago

an ill be GOOD for the night

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The story is too old to be commented.