Top 10 Mortal Kombat Fatalities

Mortal Kombat always had a way with finishing characters off in violent, bloody fashion. TGR's staff took the time to compile a Top 10 list of the franchise's infamous fatalities with videos.

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SlamVanderhuge3403d ago

Kano. Heart. Hand. End of story.

NeverforgetNES3403d ago

Johnny Cage. The memories...

stewie328873403d ago

I was always a fan of the Liu Kang dragon eating thing.

Viewtiful3403d ago

I dunno. Seems to me like they started running out of creative ideas. Think about it. These are the TOP fatalities, and most of them boil down to simply cutting folks in half. Meh.

cain1413403d ago

I agree... MK sorta died as far as I'm concerned...