EvilCast NewsBrief Episode #29

The Cast of Evil writes, "Quite possibly the best show yet, the Cast of Evil brings in the Evil Editor as a special guest for the second time in the history of the EvilCast.. and it couldn't have gone better! Sorry this is a loooooooong ass show this time around guys, enjoy!"

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CrAppleton3185d ago

Probably one of the funnest shows we've done yet!

bgrundman3185d ago

So much for being a NewsBRIEF!

Neco5123185d ago

I enjoyed the long show, good job guys!

reluctant_gamer3185d ago

Three-ways, wii wanking, violent sex... what could be better? Good job guys.

killyourfm3185d ago

Don't forget the beating of dead horses!

"If the horse is dead, there's no harm in beating it some more."

killyourfm3185d ago

"NO, don't skip THAT story - I actually have something intelligent to say about it."

"Who in the bloody hell did they have to hump to get Square-Enix to sign off on that deal?"

"My unique perspective is...I don't give a sh!t!"

Neco5123185d ago

HA! Great quotes from the show! These keep getting better and better

Spolodaface3185d ago

I don't usually listen to the newsbrief, just the regular show - but i've been a bit behind on the news recently. Great cast!

Looking forward to the upcoming GDC special (you are doing a GDC special - right?)