EA: MotionPlus could convince hardcore to buy a Wii

The Wii MotionPlus, the soon to be released Wii Remote accessory that promises almost 1:1 motion detection, could convince hardcore gamers who have previously overlooked Nintendo's console to take the plunge, according to EA.

Speaking to at a press event for the upcoming EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis (a hands-on preview of which you'll find here) and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, both of which will be compatible with the Wii MotionPlus, EA Sports senior product manager Oliver Hughes said that playing Wii MotionPlus-compatible sports games will appeal to people who know how to play the sport they're based on as well as hardcore gamers.

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N4g_null3370d ago

The hardcore love skilled gaming right? That is what deep stands for right?

Gr813370d ago

See EA recouperating some losses with some of their moves on Wii lately. I mean they seem to finally get it. I for one believe their Tennis game will be a huge success on the platform. Is this the begining of the flood gates being opened? much like what happened with the DS?

BrotherNick3370d ago

I think it'll convince hardcore sports gamers to buy a wii. Hardcore gamers need blood on their blood and controls over their controls to make it harder than hard.

N4g_null3370d ago

That is coming also. Madworld was just a test. Conduit will be good but no one is going to let HVS have FPS on the Wii to them selves after games like killzone 2 pretty much slaughter their efforts just because of graphics.