Trade braced for DSi Easter domination

Publishers and retailers praise 'masterful' Nintendo launch; Handheld update 'certain to sell out', says industry

The hardware launch of the year is just a week away, and the UK games industry expects Nintendo's DSi to give retail a huge boost.

The handheld arrives in the UK on Friday, April 3rd, just as consumer spending ramps up ahead of the Easter weekend.

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resistance1003526d ago

Glad i pre-ordered mine now.

SpoonyRedMage3526d ago

Me too, although I haven't seen many ads for it in the UK.

resistance1003526d ago

I think Nintendo knows, that the gamers will pick it up at launch and will then advertise the first wave of people have brought it.

Marceles3526d ago

I preordered mine too, I have a DS Lite but after looking up everything I've seen from the DSi and all the new games coming out, I'm sold on it. For once I won't feel that bad for trading in my DS Lite to buy a DSi for about half the price.