GDC 2009: RUMOR: Infinity Ward Drop Call of Duty from Modern Warfare 2 According to Keighley

GOONL!NE: "So Keighley's Gears 2 type megaton game was revealed to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and, as much as we're looking forward to it, it was a whimper. But hey, as long as it keep the momentum of Call of Duty 4, thats fine, except it wont be keeping one thing: the Call of Duty title.

It was somewhat bewildering that there was no Call of Duty title at the end of the trailer, just Modern Warfare 2 at the end of the trailer, so, where is it? Well according to, guess who, Geoff Keighley, it's gone!

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Pennywise3217d ago

Call of Duty is the part of the name that makes the millions of people to buy the game year after year. It doesnt seem like a smart business move. I dont believe this rumor.

Szarky3217d ago

I think IW should seperate themselves from "Call of Duty". Call of Duty 3 sucked(I beat the game). COD: WaW sucked(I only put in about an hour or two and couldn't play it anymore). Treyarch can't innovate. They can't make a good FPS, just a copy of what's been done before. IW should make a name for themselves with the Modern Warfare name.

jtucker783217d ago

IW made the name Call of Duty what it was. I can't blame them for wanting to put their own mark on an IP they own.

How would you feel if every other year a less talented company brought down the name of the franchise you have worked hard to build up? Treyarch only managed an acceptable job on [email protected] because they used IW's COD4 engine.

Break away from the Call of Duty name. Let it die with Treyarch and build up the Modern Warfare name. Perhaps MW2 won't make millions, but by MW3 they'll be rolling in sales and brand recognition.

Smart move IW.

ottoenie3217d ago

if they remove it, what will happen to call of duty then? i really hope treyarch doesn't make a crappy one, just to make a sequel.
don't think it's a smart move.

Giriath3217d ago

Oh Geoff, that smug of his always gets me a little hotter inside.

Sitdown3217d ago

I agree....I think they have to come up with a better way to drop the title. Perhaps leave it for this game.....but during the title screen find a creative way to drop it..and leave the MW part....that way purchasers will know that from here on will be under a different name.

JokesOnYou3217d ago

The best news out of GDC was CryEngine3 running on consoles, that updates too UE was nice but other than that its been pretty lowkey.


joydestroy3217d ago

and things seem to be heating up!

GVON3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

it's so they don't end up with COD 25 in a few years time,activision have done this countless times when they were milking tony hawks.

Also lots of the kids who liked 4 will see this as a "new" game and buy into the series again,and not see at as COD 1 in the modern day like I do.

IdleLeeSiuLung3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Actually, I see this as a pretty smart business move. By splitting it up, they retain the original fanbase that undoubtedly the game will sell, but now got 2 IPs instead. The only thing is dropping the CoD name now might be too soon, as Modern Warfare might not be well known enough yet.

That is a risky move though....

JD_Shadow3217d ago

I don't think GDC is over yet.

Mikerra173217d ago

this is an idiotic buisness move, thousands more people bought COD WAW because it had the COD name in it, this is stupid and just a rumor

JokesOnYou3217d ago

you're right its not over, typing too fast at work...well lets hope theres at least ONE awesome game announcement, I know the focus is development talk but I can hope can't I?


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Avenged Sevenfold3217d ago

Exactly. IW is such an exceptional developer and they need to separate themselves from Activision style games and especially from the crappy Treyacrch. Dropping Call of Duty may be a bad business move like Pennywise said, but that would really mark the start of THEIR franchise and differentiate themselves from the other Call of Duty games. IMHO, Activision should give IW the rights to make Call of Duty games and release them every 2 years so we have a guaranteed epic game. Treyarch would never be able to accomplish CoD:WaW without IW's blueprint for the multiplayer structure and graphics engine.

_Q_3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Is this a big deal? either way people are gonna play this game off hype alone. Why don't they just make it just COD6 and call it a day

Johnny Cullen3217d ago

Personally, Call of Duty has been and always will be Infinity Ward, not Treyarch.

I hope Activision realises this when the gane comes out.

PirateThom3217d ago

It's a risky move, but it could pay off for Activision.

They could have Treyarch grind a Call of Duty out every year and still have Modern Warfare every 2 years.

I think Infinity Ward have definitely left World War II behind.

peeps3217d ago

not sure how Treyarch would pump out a cod game every year, there was only 1 every year because there were 2 developers (IW + Treyarch) - in all fairness i can't imagine there being any more call of duty related games from Treyarch

PirateThom3217d ago

The thing is, they also made two other games in 2008, (Spiderman and Quantum of Solace), unlike Infinity Ward who were only doing Call of Duty.

If Activision wanted, they could have Treyarch doing a CoD every year.

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