Betamax to Blu-ray: Sony format winners and losers

Betamax was one of Sony's biggest blunders.

The videocassette format was introduced in 1975, and initially sold well. But when JVC's VHS tape cartridge was introduced in 1978 Betamax quickly lost its lead. The press loved Beta for its superior picture quality, but Standard Betamax tapes were only 60 minutes, and VHS 3-hour tapes could record more TV shows.

VHS was more popular, but Betamax refused to die. US production ended in 1993, and the last Betamax machine in the world was produced in Japan in 2002.

Ah, but the Compact Disc was a hit from the get-go. On August 31, 1982, an announcement was made in Tokyo that four companies, Sony, CBS/Sony, Philips, and Polygram had jointly developed the world's first CD system. Talk of the CD's demise are premature, sales are still in the hundreds of millions a year.

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dj555555553551d ago

He had to put the last bit in there to please his secret benefactors

gaffyh3551d ago

I see Blu-Ray getting more and more popular, this time last year hardly any movies were being advertised as "On Blu-Ray", but now every movie advertisement says "On Blu-Ray and DVD Now".

I don't see how the format won't last, when more companies have adopted it and there are A LOT more advertisements for it, and PS3 is a Blu-Ray player, and standalone Blu-Ray players are a lot cheaper now, and every popular TV show promotes the quality of Blu-Ray over DVD etc. The list goes on and on.

FPShooter3551d ago

"I wouldn't bet on blu ray long term prospects"

why not? blu ray sales are rapidly increasing and price is falling.

blu ray is supported by just about all companies. Not to mention the PS3. Look all I know is my blu ray collection is growing fast and so is most of my friends collections.