Sony's Mysterious New Game Has Strangest Title Ever

PlayStation LifeStyle uncovers a new trademark listing filed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The title of the new game/trademark, is quite interesting.

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meepmoopmeep3219d ago

hrmmm... wonder what this could be.

Badman, eh?

Sev3219d ago

No idea what it could be with a title like that.

Like the old school Batman Pow! pic?

meepmoopmeep3219d ago

best image evar!


i wonder who's going to develop this game

actas1233219d ago

FYI, this is not the actual title of the game. It's only a brief description. Companies try to be secretive when filing at the FCC to avoid complications that nay arise.

xztence3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

come on,you can do better then that. severely underwhelming title <.<.
but i guess at this point its just a title.who knows, could turn out pretty good.

Raz3218d ago

It's going to be a huge satire - you can play as Leftie, Rightie, or Centrie; and try to spy on as many people as you can. Each player leads a group, and is responsible for using them to spy effectively on the other players - but a smart player will spy on their own people as well as the other players.

Because you never know, they could be working for the other players and spying on you!

The game continues until nobody trusts anybody anymore, and a massive fight ensues; which nobody will actually win. The game ends, and you can never start another one because the disc is wiped after one full playthrough.

Have fun!

Will_Smith3218d ago


if by Uncovered you mean "read on Joystiq" then yes Playstation Lifstyle "Uncovered" this game...

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DeforMAKulizer3219d ago

As the trophy says, OMGWTFBBQ?!?!?!
Seriously... I would love to see what the game is about hehe...

meepmoopmeep3219d ago

Best trophy name EVAR!

lol, i want to try to get it just for the name

taco_tom2373219d ago

is my favorite trophy lol i thought it was gonna be hard to get but it was surprisingly easy

Max Power3218d ago

if you beat the game already all you have to do is play the last level on superhuman and bam! OMGWTFBBQ is yours

maspi3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

very strange title.

Avenged Sevenfold3219d ago

Dude, can't you put the name of the game in the summary?? Ugh, trying got get hits I see. Well, that is a strange name. It's sounds to me like an episodic sort of game through the PS Store.

Sev3219d ago

Why would I put the name in the summary? That kills the whole article.

Every website on the planet is working for hits. Why don't you people realize that?

HDgamer3219d ago

playstation lifestyle is full of it.

Sev3219d ago

Full of great articles? I totally agree!

WhittO3219d ago

lol @ all of these jealous rival sites with multiple accounts who struggle to get 20 hits per day

PS Lifestyle owns, and i trust their articles/sources as they dont B*S (even though they easily could and prob double their hits!!)

N4Sony3218d ago

You = not a sheep

Unlike the 5 consistent posters to every lame, usually incorrect to inaccurate PSlifestyle crap post.

HDgamer3216d ago

This site only has rumors and "supposed confirmations" that are all wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.