PETA wants that dog to kill you - the PS3 Attitude Opinion

PS3 Attitude writes: "Every now and then it is good for us to exhibit some of the 'attitude' that the name of the site represents.

Following PETA's recent comments with regard to the dogs in Call of Duty: World at War, now is one of those times…"

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techie3375d ago also kill humans in the game PETA.

Ghoul3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

as usual

every insitution that once had a purpose looses itself it sillyness.
suuuure lets attack a videogame for killing animals. are you sane ???

root beer tapper should be attack by the anonymous alcoholics.
ski games should get banned by nature activits for encouriging people to destroy our montains.

Johnny Rotten3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Great so now I can't shoot dogs because it's cruelty to animals, can't shoot Zombies in Africa because it's racist, can't play Animal Crossing because I'll be considered a pedophile...

What's next?

techie3374d ago

You'll be called a racist dog killing paedophile?

dj555555553374d ago

this report has made me drown puppies.... see what you did peta, CAN YOU SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!?!?

Phantom_T3374d ago

in real life of course,cruelty to animals causes pain and suffering,which nobody wants to see.
but to complain about killing a virtual animal,which can feel nothing and has no form of intelligence (albeit more than PETA's) is just stupid.
Elect me for world president,and i shall pass a "common sense" law.

DolphGB3374d ago

Of course, if a game existed where the only purpose of the title was to rip a cat apart for enjoyment, I'd be up in arms about it (virtual or otherwise).

But as I write in the article, these are historically accurate attack dogs and you are acting in self defense, during a simulated war. What do PETA expect you to do? Throw bloody Frisbees at them!

Still, as you can read for yourself, that's not the only issue with their view on this...

Brodiesan3374d ago

As someone who has a dog, and a dog that I've personally rescued from the jaws of a pitbull, I know all too well how repulsive cruelty to animals can be

That said, this is a game. Attack dogs are an HISTORIC part of warfare and were quite prevalent during WWII (as I believe this article accurately mentions).

My point is: if we're going to play adult games that are meant for ADULTS then we can't shy away from certain parts of war that we are uncomfortable with.

Shooting animals in war happened a lot. As did torture, driving over people in tanks, collateral damage and other heinous actions that are all part of the horrors of war.

If you don't want to play a war game where you can be subjected to strong imagery - don't play them.

PETA, who I am normally a supporter of, have really lost the plot on this one and are basically attacking one particular medium as being reprehensible simply because they are completely ill-informed.

And the Nintendogs references were cringeworthy. For that reason alone I'm off now to eat some veal. Take THAT PETA!

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The story is too old to be commented.