GDC: BioWare refuses to rule out Mass Effect 2 for PS3

VG247: Looks like PS3 users may get their hands on Mass Effect 2 yet.

Speaking with Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk during a demo of Dragon Age: Origins at GDC yesterday, we asked point blank if the was headed to the console or not.

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she00win993547d ago

if they refuse to rule out the ps3 version then its defenitely time exclusive..

II Necroplasm II3547d ago

It's called playing a game with Microsoft and wanting some extra money possibly.

cereal_killa3547d ago

With R* getting 50 million for DLC I wonder if other 3rd party company's are looking to cash into this. ME was a big game for the 360 so why wouldn't EA try to get a little more to keep it from going to the PS3.

This is EA were talking about and I doubt that they would let anything go exclusive any more there's too much money to be made from this and EA wants to squeeze out every penny they can. Timed exclusive or at E3 EA will walk onto Sony's stage during there conference and announce ME2 for the PS3 same day release.

Says you3547d ago

CrapBox 360 they may own BioWare but Bioware makes the game not EA so EA made themselves look stupid by confirming its only on the XBox 360 considering Bioware has the say in the matter not EA.

Darrius Cole3547d ago

EA did say it was Xbox 360 exclusive. They simply said it was coming to the X360 and PC and made no mention of a PS3 version.

Chubear3547d ago

but you are completely ill-informed. It's the other way round dude. EA tells Bioware what to do - period. Bioware has NO SAY in the final decision making of what EA wants to do with their products.

Silly gameAr3547d ago

I hope Bioware uses that extra time to release Mass Effect one on the PS3. I have it for 360, but PS3 only owners would have a chance to catch up on the story.

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fishd3547d ago

It's timed exclusive and it's MS's hope to counter Gow III early 2010.

Leio3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Now . why do they have to wait? if no is the answer why bother
--- yes may be theyre still looking at Microsofts pockets they are known for being generous xD.

Mikerra173547d ago

they cant say anything because they are currently in contract negotiations

joydestroy3547d ago

i'm going to be patient this time around. with all the rumors going around...i think there's a good chance it will come to the PS3.

- Ghost of Sparta -3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

The 360 is known for having nothing but timed exclusives so seeing the definitive version of Mass Effect 2 on PS3 a couple months later wouldn't surprise me, especially now that EA publishes it.

anh_duong3547d ago

Trollimite, why would they want to alienate their customers like that?? if you own a games publisher would you really want to harmrelations with people who buy your products? think.. EA wants to play a game with Microsoft and only microsoft's money will determine the level of exclusivity ME2 has.

crck3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Mass Effect 2 Sigma anyone? Sorry couldn't help it. But yeah this garbage is really sad. All these 3rd parties in money talks with MS are pathetic. They announce a game that is coming out within a year's time and they want gamers to believe that they don't know which platforms they are programing on? What a bunch of bullshit. It started with Star Ocean 4 then Mass Effect 2 and Lost Planet 2. Complete your stupid backroom deals before announcing a game if you don't want to look like idiotic shady liars.

siyrobbo3547d ago

@ - Ghost of Sparta -

If you want the definitive version buy it on pc

XLiveGamer3547d ago

Mass Effect its a Trilogy and Microsoft have a deal with them i believe that Mass Effect its going to be a Complete Trilogy Edition on PS3 later. But anyway its good to dream.

FarEastOrient3547d ago

Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 can fit on a single BD so it'll be interesting. Same with the entire trilogy can fit on a single disk...

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bob saget remix3547d ago

I bet you will see it come out 4-6 months after the 360 and pc versions.

II Necroplasm II3547d ago

Microsoft PC Microsoft PC Windows/Vista PC

PC/360 gamesells=Micro$oft

jaybdemented3547d ago

@ nec
ms doesn't make money off of pc games.

Shane Kim3547d ago

Like said above, MS doesn't make money on a PC version. Perhaps some royalty fees. That's all I can think of.

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