Resistance 2 1.50 Patch is Live

Available now. 304MB Download.

Highlights of the Update:
- Meltdown Mode
- Superhuman Co-op Mode
- Second PlayStation Network Login

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Nineball21123548d ago

I'll get this when I get home tonight... Looking forward to it.

Bren863548d ago

Did it make the game good?

ghostface3548d ago

Well i already like the game, so anything else is just icing on the cake for me.

FunAndGun3548d ago

slightly better, but not good.

Bazookajoe_833548d ago

I would have hoped for new coop maps, but this is awesome to..

cereal_killa3548d ago

the game was always good but it did make your bubbles disappear.

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Szarky3548d ago

Damn, I shouldn't have sold my game.

hotdawg3548d ago

Don't sell PS3 exclusives unless you're buying the second part or an upgraded version of the game. I sold Uncharted once TOTALLY regretted it and and had to buy it back.

pangitkqb3548d ago

I'm never doing that again. My exclusives are staying in my library this time.

silvacrest3548d ago

i regret it now, but uncharted is so cheap now i dont mind
but i do need to get R" back...

pangitkqb3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Been waiting for this. I've been playing Killzone, but it is time to change discs and once more Kick some Chimera @ss!

Gonna be difficult finding time to play both the Resistance 2 update and "The Pitt" expansion for Fallout 3. :) I'm a lucky man.

WhittO3548d ago

Ye, ive been on K2 past few weeks, not as fun as R2 online!!

Like already highest rank in K2 and unlocked most skills in the different professions, just boring now and a spawn camp/granade fest on every map.

Going back to R2 online for a while now.

(although R2 really looks awful incomparison of graphics! atleast)

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The story is too old to be commented.