GDC 2009: No More Excuses - Taking the Wii Online

Emily Balistrieri @ The Escapist: "I will admit right now that I am one of those people who feels like the Wii and DS are a pain in the neck when it comes to online play. I'm not sure why taking them online is such a pain, and neither is Todd Northcutt of GameSpy Technology. Granted, if you're the one making the tools that consoles use for matchmaking, leaderboards, and other online features, you might have a slight bias, but he made good points.

The bulk of his presentation concentrated on five common excuses developers make to wimp out when it comes to online support for Wii and DS. Games with online multiplayer sell half again as many copies as games without any online component at all, and that games with even just leaderboards or stats sell 25% more, so how can it be that more devs aren't taking advantage of this?"

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