Guitar Hero World Tour Announced for Mac [Updated: No DLC]

MacLife writes: "If you're one of those hard-core gamers that finds console gaming lame, yet you've secretly fantasized about rocking out with your own faux-band. Today's announcement from Aspyr and Activision should have you ready to rock.

Guitar Hero World Tour is expected this summer for the Mac and Windows PC. The music-based game will work with wireless controllers so you won't be tripping over cables and yanking your machine onto the floor. Although, there is no word on if you'll need to purchase new controllers for the Mac version of the game, or you can use the controllers from one of the console versions of the game that are already on the market. Gamers can also can create their own tracks with the Music Studio feature, so we can expect about 30 user-created versions of Final Countdown by Europe to flood the internet."

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