Capture The Flag Anyone? Warhawk in Action

A 3 minute match of capture the flag in the upcoming title Warhawk for the PS3?

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GaMr-4261d ago

No one really knows. But one thing that is certain. This game looks like fun.

Dlacy13g4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Before you flame me let me explain.

I think as far as a capture the flag game goes..yes it has all the elements to be fun. BUT...I think there are alot of other games out there that do it much better!

Firt off...seeing who had the flag and who didn't in this video seemed a tad difficult when I watched. I will watch it again...but when the guy jumped out of the tank to grab the flag it disappeared when he got into the tank. I couldn't see a marker on the again...I might have missed something but that looked odd. Secondly...vehicles respawned extremely fast from what I saw. He blew up that jeep and within 5 secs. another jeep respawned. That could be a game setting though so who knows.

The sound of this game is terrible! I mean when the tank gun fires it sounds "tinny" and nothing like a heavy gun should sound like. The tank sound itself was off too. Now I realize this is supposed to be in the "future" so maybe they do sound like that in the future...but honestly....I hated the way everything sounded. Oh and the about lacking the depth and base of an explosion. Sounded like a firecracker more than a jeep or tank exploding.

Vehicle movement....totally floaty physics. Did you see the way the other tank "bounces" off the one tank when they collide like it weighed next to nothing?

I am sorry....but this game went from something of great promise to a poormans Battlefield. Sure it might be fun...but there are much better games of this genre out there. I would wait for UT3 personally.

GrooveChampion4261d ago

But I really want it. That game looks awesome and fun. It also looks to have found it's identity as a fun multiplayer game. I can't wait for release.

dbug3604261d ago

I don’t know what your all whinnying about this game looks like a lot of fun and is one of the games I cant wait to play! It has everything I want! IMO I think it looks awesome

FirstknighT4261d ago

Talk about a game that has no identity. What happened with the dogfights thru volumetric clouds??? Did all that just get scrapped for a ground game? Everything about this game screams last gen. I can see why this game has been strongly rumored to be a direct to download. Their are better choices out there.

MySwordIsHeavenly4261d ago


The clouds and dogfights are still there. Have you seen any new videos? It's basically Battlefield 1942 with GOOD flying controls! I can't wait!!!

MySwordIsHeavenly4261d ago

UT3 will be the best shooter this year...i guarantee it!!! Unreal is freakin' awesome!

kornbeaner4261d ago

I was expecting alot more since i saw they E3 '06 demo.

Maybe it's just what is being shown but i am really expecting alot more.

As it seems right now i wouldn't pay to play this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.