Mercenaries 2 Video Interview & New Gameplay Footage

Mercenaries 2, the sequel to Pandemic studio's Mercenaries, was shown at GDC07. In this video interview, one of the founders of Pandemic studios talks about the upcoming title while showing some great pre-alpha gameplay footage.

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Dlacy13g3598d ago

this game is looking fantastic!

TheFamilyGuy3598d ago

it looks pretty good and, according to the video, it is still "pre-alpha"

AllroundGamer3597d ago

i played the first one on my old xbox, was really fun to play, the helicopter hijacking was the best :D

Gamer133597d ago

Now i can see why he said it was fun and a very good game, well i will be getting this 1 - very nice video.

IM OUT...///"""

zonetrooper53596d ago

Well i play the first game and its was fun and excellent, i will get this game for my Xbox 360.

Ray J3596d ago

...since it's all about destroying your environment with the power of next-gen graphics engine in mercs 2: can you now destroy your natural environment like trees, bushes, rocks and things like that? or are these objects still solid like a wall of steal?(the way it was like in almost every last-gen shooter)

Ray J :)

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