Nitpicking Flash Game Summit

Greg McClanaha @ Gamasutra: "
I commend Mochi for hosting the first of what I hope will become the annual Flash Game Summit. It clearly took a ton of work to put together, and I lost track of the number of developers I spoke with who traveled all the way out to California for the single-day event without even bothering to attend GDC.

But ultimately, much of it felt like a missed opportunity. While a good portion of the speakers shared some really useful and important information, others, well, not so much. But I can understand a few bad panelists. What bothers me more is the amount of crucial information that was completely skipped over, or summarized in such an oversimplified manner that it's no longer accurate.

Here are a few important points about the Flash industry that someone likely never would have figured out purely from a visit to Flash Game Summit:"

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