Gamezebo Review: The Tales of Bingwood: To Save a Princess

Much of To Save a Princes is about puzzle-solving; that is, figuring out which items need to be used in certain situations, such as how to catch a crow that has flown off with an important key, investigate an area that's too dark to see with the naked eye, or help the Innkeeper get rid of her unwanted guests.

The puzzles are very clever, with a few deliberate curveballs thrown in that have you convinced a puzzle has to be solved a certain way only to find out that the solution is something completely different. The caveat of course, as with all adventure games, is that the game requires clicking through a fair bit of dialogue with various characters in order to learn necessary hints about what to do next. Dialogue is presented in voice-over and often accompanied by amusing little cutscenes, though, and the characters themselves are so lively and amusing that talking to them rarely seems like a chore.

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