Sexism in video games

Examiner: "How do games hold up in comparison to film and television when it comes to the oh-so-common sexual objectification of women? Surprisingly well, actually… But be aware that like racism and stereotypes, sexism isn't the same as sexual objectification. Video games have taken plenty of steps backward when it comes to sexual equality. Not that I really need to beat a dead horse here, but…"

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Canary3218d ago

Great. Another one of *these* articles.

Call me biased, but I'm FAR more concerned about sexism in gaming when it comes to the portrayal of men. Women, so far as I can see, appear in far greater varieties than men in games.

Oh, right--guys aren't allowed to complain about sexism toward men, sort of like how white people aren't allowed to complain about anti-white racism. My bad.