GDC: Blizzard's Pardo: Sony, Microsoft Need New Forms Of Gameplay

Speaking at a GDC luncheon with several game industry luminaries, Blizzard's game design EVP Rob Pardo said that Sony and Microsoft need to "come up with new forms of gameplay and new mechanics."

Suggesting that the two companies should look to Nintendo and work on improving their input devices, he said, "If [Sony and Microsoft] don't come up with a way to come up with new forms of gameplay and new mechanics, than there is no point in giving us new hardware, because then it's just about cloud computing."

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koehler833131d ago

Um.. Sony and Microsoft are primarily hardware providers in the console game there Rob. You're the game developer... Maybe someone should clarify that role for you.

ToastyMcNibbles3131d ago

oh yeah!? well rob you need a new form of face!

ChozenWoan3131d ago

1. a good flight stick
2. a light gun similar to what the Sega master system and the NES had

Otherwise, the only other thing I'd like is a motion simulator chair like those used for 'After Burner' in the arcades. But that's not an input device but an output one.

As for a Wii like controller. meh.