GDC: Industry Legends Wright, Spector, Pardo & More Debate Gaming Trends

During a fast-paced luncheon panel held during Game Developers Conference, notable industry veterans discussed a variety of current gaming trends, including social gaming, changing attitudes towards pricing, and cloud computing in the context of the recent OnLive announcement.

Assembled at the Gamasutra-exclusive event were Warren Spector of Junction Point, Neil Young of ngmoco, Will Wright of Maxis, Rob Pardo of Blizzard (or "the U.S. Mint," as moderator Gary Whitta joked), Dave Perry of Acclaim, and Brian Fargo of inXile.

The event was kicked off by recounting a recent Nolan Bushnell quote disparaging social gaming: "Social is buying someone a drink. Sitting in a dark room in your underpants talking to someone might seem social, but it's not cool."

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