GDC: Iwata on How to Succeed on Wii, DS

Edge Online Writes: Before the launches of the Nintendo DS and Wii, almost no one expected them to reach their current level of mainstream acceptance, remarked Nintendo president Satoru Iwata at the GDC keynote Wednesday morning.

Now Nintendo is hearing similar misgivings from external developers. Many, says Iwata, have questioned whether their games would be able to sell on the system. Many have asked if third-parties can succeed. There is a general belief, he says, that third-parties cannot compete with Nintendo.

Iwata says they are wrong. Seventy-three titles have sold 1 million copies on the Wii. It is not a matter of Nintendo's branding or monetary funds, rather, says Iwata, it is a difference in approach.

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SpoonyRedMage3222d ago

That picture looks scary.

Nintendo are great, they're the only true video games company with a console out there, poor Sega...

They're dedicated to their work and really care about gamers, it's too bad they were abandoned by gamers and developers alike. They've done so well considering the Wii was pretty much a solo effort.

BrotherNick3222d ago

If devs thought to put hardcore games on the Wii in the beginning, and not 2 years after they were a success, they could have totally pulled the entire market lol.

Seferoth753222d ago

Wow 73 million sellers on Wii? impressive. I keep hearing about poor sales but every time I ask the person for proof they cannot provide any. They just take an article and spin everything around to match what they want to say.

I'd really love to see proof the Wii is failing but sadly it looks like that just isnt the case at all and its more wishful thinking on some peoples part..

N4g_null3222d ago

"Miyamoto takes his ideas from observing how others have fun, but he never writes a design document."

Some times I feel like I work for a bank LOL. No better yet a movie studio. This would be nice to do but when your engines are made for moslty one or two game types it makes things pretty hard.