New Ace Combat game headed to PS3?

Namco Bandai recently revealed Katamari Damacy Tribute for the PS3, after the previously Sony exclusive franchise jumped ship to the XBox 360. It seems that the Ace Combat franchise may be up for a similar treatment. A Japanese job listing reveals that Ace Combat may be making a return flight to the PS3.

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SasanovaS7772896d ago

notice the trend of older games coming to the ps3 with 3 times more punch

meepmoopmeep2896d ago

i've never like AC games
actually, i've never played them. :P
ok, i'll rephrase that, i've never liked airplane games
except top-down retro ones.

i love the soundtracks though

San Frandisco2896d ago

i agree to a certain point really... i love both but i enjoyed to ace combate series very much,as for anything this gen or anything after AC ,i never liked.
It will be very interesting to see if this becomes exclusive since i think airplane games have a hard time making a success in the console industry.
PLUS,everything including the devs are swaying sonys way pretty quickly,and im thinking it has to do with the low cost development tools they announced and devs are gunna be looking to save money and use it to make a better game. :)

fishd2896d ago

Well if it's true then Maddens_Raiders should be really happy:)

gaffyh2896d ago

Not a huge fan of Ace Combat personally, it's extremely boring. But Japan seems to love it, so a wise move by Namco, although stupid that they only released on 360 before.

FlameBaitGod2896d ago

On Topic: Nice, looking forward to this game
Off Topic: Nice that companies keep going to Sony without they having to pay anything unlike other companies that have to pay for exclusives.

Tempist2896d ago

Awesome. If this AC6 is AC5x2 + motion controls (using the Sixaxis like a flight stick) it would be an awesome game that helps push flight sims forward.

tudors2896d ago

when you have proof to back this up then talk.

BTW I just don't think flying games have enough emersion right now, there just so boring.

Leio2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I like this game but the story-line and cutscenes are just below all bläähhh!

nix2896d ago

i used to like Ace combat on PS2. then i tried HAWX demo. it was bland... i mean i hated the automatic locking. i mean i didn't find it fun shooting down the enemies when they are miles away.. i think i like to face the enemy. dogfight i thought is what i want. those WWI and WWII kinda dog fights. so recently i downloaded the Red Baron demo. and as i started playing i was like - "wtf! i can't even figure out who the enemies are!"

well.. and i got killed million times when i went online.

i'll try the demo of this game before i buy it though.

Shadow Flare2896d ago

Welcome back mobius 1. I really love ace combat games so this is great news to me. The best in the series is still AC4: Distant Thunder imo. The soundtracks are awesome too

poopface12896d ago

I had ace combat 6 on 360 and I though it was a really fun game. Although my favorite thing to do was fly under bridges upside down and do stunts more than the missions.

I wonder if this is a new version or an new game. if its a new game I hope its on 360 too cause I liked the other one. Its refreshing to play a game thats not a 3rdPS or FPS these days.

Bonsai12142896d ago

Ace Combat 5 was one of the best games of last generation. its very easy to say its a top 20 or 30 game on ps2.

anti-gamer2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I,m big fan of AC game ACZero & AC3 was the best
I hope new AC well be batter than AC6

willie62892896d ago

best flight sim game = tie fighter

ThanatosDMC2895d ago

Ace Combat 5 >>>>>>>&g t; HAWX

2895d ago
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shadowfox2896d ago

Ace Combat has come home!

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Too_Hyped2896d ago

Ah ah another former 360 exclusive in the bag, like every day. It's nice to see the 360 die a little bit more every day.

Man_of_the_year2896d ago

You have serious problems if you hate a machine that badly.

DavidMacDougall2896d ago

I like how all the 360 fanboys are changing there tune

ultimolu2896d ago

Like you hate the PS3 Man_of_the_Year?

Yeah, I thought so.

Man_of_the_year2896d ago

Actually i have a PS3 if you took the time to click my Bio and limit your ignorance - as well as i have stated time and time again i love my PS3 and my 360.

I don't pay $400 on a product that i didn't like. And i love my Blu-Ray collection. Just because i am not blinded like the likes of you and the rest of your SDF doesn't mean i hate my PS3.

And atleast i own a PS3 and a 360 so if i have something negative to say about either one of them i can...unlike you juuken who feels the need to critizise something you don't even own. If you don't own a 360 why do you seem to appear in 360 threads? Huh, ya i though so...troll

ultimolu2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Just because you have a PS3 doesn't mean you enjoy it. And owning two consoles doesn't make you a gamer. Using a PS3 for just a bluray player is a waste of money.

Get real dude.

Wah, wah, wah, I criticize the 360. So what? Does it make you cry? I have played on one before. A family member of mine owns one. I felt Microsoft could have done better with the damn system.

Man_of_the_year2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

What r u talking about?

I didn't say i only bought my PS3 for my Blu-ray. I said i love my PS3 AND my blu-ray collection.

And i told you that i wouldn't have paid $400 for something if i didn't like it. I LOVE MY PS3.

Ofcourse MS could have done a better job making the console - So could have Sony...what is your point?

And if owning 2 of the top gen systems of this generation doesn't make me a gamer...what does that say about you who only has 1...does that mean you are even worse than a non-gamer who does own 2 consoles? And thus your comments shouldn't be considered?

quit posting ignorant comments while you are ahead...

And i am glad to hear that you managed to get around to playing a 360. Your comments are still ignorant and you still look like you just pick random words from a reply and make an argument over it. Your entire response makes absolutely no sense what so ever to my comment.

ultimolu2895d ago

Yeah, I misread your comment. But your attitude towards the PS3 is usually anything *but* positive.

My comments aren't ignorant. I'm just sick of the PS3 bashing. This has been going on for three years already.

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truehunter2896d ago

So now they want to do battle with HAWX.

2896d ago
iHEARTboobs2896d ago

But I was really let down by the demo. I hope this rumor is true. I've been feeling the need for speed for a while now.

Ju2895d ago

Hawx is not bad and until AC comes around on the PS3 its the top tier flying game, no doubt about it (well, if you can't run the AC PS2 series on your PS3).

So, I am looking forward to this game.

BTW: Did anyone try playing Hawx with this flight stick ? Does that work well ?