Game Elements That Need to Go

Gamer Limit writes "Over the last few years, games have started to develop a few nasty traits. Like in any person, traits are generally part of the evolution of character, game elements that develop when developers try to find new ways to innovate, or in some cases, even take shortcuts. In some cases, these aspects of design can become innovation stalwarts, providing standards for the industry. But over time, they can become stale, or crutches to disguise bad design. But sometimes, they shouldn't have existed at all."

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Vintrus3219d ago

Agreed, stupid DLC like Horse armor has to go

Mikerra173219d ago

while I agree with alot of what he is saying especially about DLC
I feel that the author of this article contradicts himself, at one point he wants it more realistic by having health not regen, and then he crys about how weapons degrade over time and how bosses are too hard.
I cant tell what point he is trying to get across he needs to make up his mind

xp3ll3d3219d ago

Quick time events piss me off. Most of the sonic unleashed werehog stages are just constante QTEs to finish off every single enemy. gets so old so quick.

regen health is also getting ridicilous.

Elvfam5113219d ago

shouldnt have regen health

You want the bars of health back

Clance3219d ago

I want the old Goldeneye watch in every FPS game!

syvergy3219d ago

God I hate DLC, and QTE... in fact, the writer is spot on about this junk.

Cajun Chicken3219d ago

I am getting real fed up with keeping away from gunfire and recharging my health, sure, some games suit it. But I'd prefer the strategy of finding medipacks.

It's as say; I get shot, hide around the corner and the bullets magically fall out of me, ala Claire and Sylar from Heroes. In some cases, this can be really good, but at least make a seperate difficulty actually removing the recharging health once completing the game (or choice) that gives me medipacks. I really liked Resistance 1 for having the more than one health bar, but you still needed health, heck, I'd still like a patch in R2 giving me healthbars back as an option in the campaign.
I am really hating everyone jumping on the bandwagon and giving regenerative health, the first Halo did it great because the sheild was weaker, Gears does it okay, but feels like it should have medipacks I have no idea why, but I find it fine for Uncharted, perhaps its the added exploration feature, its also good in open world games, but NOT EVERY GAME.

For the mention that FEAR2 has medipacks, I might look back into that. God, I just thought of something terrible, I hope Croteam aren't joining the craze with Serious Sam 3. Serious Sam would SUCK without medipacks or health boxes.

peeps3219d ago

i quite liked how kz2 does things with the health tbh, you have regen health but it takes aggggeeesss and it doesn't fully regen your health (u need a medipack for that which can only be dished out by a medic) basically means after a firefight you can regen some health but theres only so many times u'll get away with it + if u come across someone soon after, your health hasn't regenned yet. In games like cod the heatlth regen is just 2 quick tbh, if some1 has a shot at u, mid gunfight u can pop back into cover and get ur health back

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The story is too old to be commented.