PlayStation: A Tale of Two Markets - US

While the Xbox360 and Wii have a considerably lower price and larger install base than the PLAYSTATION3, the console isn't all that far behind the competition. However, since 2006 Sony has been taken a good pummeling by the media (especially in North America) because of the high-price and gaudy promotional campaign for the third-generation PlayStation console. It's still not uncommon for a lot of journalists and gamers alike to rant on Sony, claiming that their console is "dying" or "failing" because of its third-place predicament.

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Daoshai3370d ago

It makes a lot of sense.

San Frandisco3370d ago

allthough i do think this is a REALLY great article no doubt but as for that sentance above i happen to not like or agree with as you cant account for "most" of the americans,its an unrealistic estimate.

oh and also the one were he also talks about a Few icons for the ps3 and mentions the ones for the 360 is not entirely true at all,since ps3 has more then the 360 that are memorable to this day and will stand out in the long run: example: NARIKO-NATHAN HALE-SNAKE (DUH) -NATHAN DRAKE-SACKBOY-RATCHET AND CLANK... While they all might not be all american heroes they are certainly remembered by the ps3 community amongst others as well.
Other then that,like i said the article was acually a very nice read and different then the usual N4G mess on here regarding ps3.

i just wish people would be more open minded with the ps3 despite the price and nit pick the pro's insted of the cons.. then you wont be so negative agianst it. :)

Silly gameAr3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

It's true too. Mircosoft is a beast when it comes to advertising and promoting the 360 in North America. Not sure about other countries. You see it in movies, popular TV shows (like South Park), commercials and all over the net.

And the crazy Halo hype helps a crap load too.

RH063370d ago

Failing 360's and SUCK A$$ Vista has been everywhere though, maybe they should advertise about that and see how many people back them up then...