Rumor: Saturn games coming to the VC?

And really, why wouldn't it be able to happen? Nintendo doesn't have a size limit on their downloads like their competitors, so this latest rumor, which comes from an employee at DigiPen, isn't an entire impossibility. Also, considering Sega's support of the Wii, whether it be on the Virtual Console or not, also lends some credibility to this rumor, bringing more excitement to us here at Wii Fanboy HQ.

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kornbeaner4291d ago

those are the game I want brought as a VC download.

I had a Saturn but I really don't remember the games all to well.

Dreamcast game would be way better.

MySwordIsHeavenly4291d ago

DREAMCAST BABY! That's Powerstone 1 and 2, House of the Dead II, WORMS: Armageddon, Sonic Adventure, and Soul Caliber!!! GO FOR IT! I just want freakin' POWERSTONE!!!

gogators4291d ago

Toy Commander and Ooga Booga, or even Samba. All interesting and fun games at the time. Wouldn't mind a couple releases from the old Saturn or even Sega CD, like the Lunar series.

Texas GMR4291d ago

I really liked the 2 Sega Bass Fishing games. Sure wish they would bring those back.

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