New Alan Wake interview - New info revealed

Norwegian gaming website has posted a new interview with Alan Wake developer Oskari Häkkinen. The interview contains lots of new info.

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Superduper093526d ago

Wow this game looks good and it looks like the game will have an interesting plot.

Acidicpack3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Yes it looks good but will it ever come out? Now that's the real question. I used to be looking forward to seeing this game hit the store shelves. But its taken them so long I would rather just pass. After 3 long years of waiting I have lost all interest.

Now if MS gives us a release date and some in-game footage it could very well change my mind.

Superduper093526d ago

Unfortunately, some games do take a long time to develop. It's just a fact of life. You know like the Final Fantasy series, RE series, GT series, etc.

II Necroplasm II3526d ago

and only 30 people working on the game.

Doctor_Doom3526d ago

This game is going to be Huge

Acidicpack3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

True and I understand that good games take time to develop. But we the public have not heard jack about this game in over 3 years. If the developers cant tell us about the game after it was announced over 3 years ago then something is wrong.

Superduper093526d ago

Maybe MS wants to save all the info on this game for this year's E3. Who knows.

FlameBaitGod3526d ago

Pretty sure the game will be good, M$ has barely talked about it and i know they want this game to be a hit. M$ likes to surprise people, not announce things and let people wait months for it, know any company like that?

beans3526d ago

I personally like lover development time games kept in secretcy. As soon as they finally start to show some stuff we will all be thankful that they took the time to really impress. It sucks but this is what it takes sometimes.

talltony3526d ago

want to see more of this game. Its been a long time in the making so I hope its good.

thewhoopimen3526d ago

Looking forward to checking out this title. Seems like it will be a strong contender to Heavy Rain in terms of story. From the article though, it does say that the developer controls how the weather is going to be... meaning either weather will change depending on what area you go to or weather will be a certain way during triggered scenarios. Either way, will be interesting to take a look at.

Spydiggity3526d ago

You know, when the movie Psycho was release, nobody knew what to expect. and that's why it was so popular. it caught ppl off guard. there are lots of situations in entertainment where ppl have to keep quiet. and i think it's a good thing. one thing i can't stand now is that there is so much media coverage of gaming. so many websites trying to get exclusive interviews, and first reviews, etc...
there should be more secrecy in gaming. i don't like knowing plots and back stories before i get a game, i want to experience it fresh.

with that said, maybe companies should think twice about announcing games so early. just work on the title, let small amounts of info leak, and if ppl want to read that info, let em. it would do a lot for gaming if we stopped over hyping things for months of even years before they come out.

ReservoirDog3163526d ago

very true,

I hated that we got so much back story before MGS4 came out. We should have all started it and asked "why is snake so old" but by the time we played it, we were already so used to him being old that the thought really never came up.

On topic though, Alan Wake sounds really interesting

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Ischan3526d ago

any gameplay footage ? please ?
Or rather let the footage clarify the all forever question and curiosity ? No ?

SasanovaS7773526d ago

just dont expect the 360 footage

Ischan3526d ago

My expectation of this title has long gone.
Giving away still pict just can't do it now.
I just hope Alan Wake can live out the night.

fredy3526d ago

alan wake articles. we get your point. but i bet you'll be back.

divideby03526d ago

I just hope this game breaks the trend of games being in extended development are usually failures

Leio3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Yeah me too. some one have to break it xD especially in time like this ...

Droid Control3526d ago

Good to see everyhting is coming together and very close to completion. I can't help lament the fac tthat they sold the rights to the Max Payne series to help fund this game though.

I feel Rockchav is going to srew that classic series up. I would have been great that, if after finishing Alan Wake, Remedy then went back and completed the Max Payne trilogy on next gen consoles...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3526d ago

I didn't disagree but I can understand why they did.

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The story is too old to be commented.