What It's Like To Be An Asian Gamer - Part 1

This problem isn't just present in Singapore. For example if you went over to Game Tracker and searched for Call Of Duty: World at War servers:

Country: USA
Population: 303 million
Number of Servers: 1375

Country: UK
Population: 60 million
Number of Servers: 505

In comparison:

Country: China
Population: 1.3 BILLION
Number of Servers: 8

Country: Japan
Population: 127 million
Number of Servers: 5

Country: Korea
Population: 47 million
Number of Servers: 4

Country: Malaysia
Population: 25 million
Number of Servers: 1

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iilluminate3403d ago

Interesting article, looking forward to the next.

It's great to see an insight into what gaming is like over there. As you say everything is so Western-focused these days, I had no ideas there would be so few servers provided.

spvn3403d ago

Yeah it does kinda suck here.

There are certain "perks" to being in Asia though, plenty of free games, but they're all second rate, crappy quality. I'll talk about them more in Part 2. Glad to hear you enjoyed this one :)