GDN Confirms No Netflix for PS3 or Wii

There has been a lot of speculation of Netflix adding their services to the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Gamers Daily News talks with Netflix's Vice President of Corporate Communications about the speculation and the surveys that have been hosted by the two consoles.

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dj555555553402d ago

why do you want netflix when the PS3 already has freeview and then HD video on demand coming later this year?

Sarick3402d ago

The current setup uses the browser. The subscription service is monthly fee for whatever movies you want. Sony won't put Netflix on their console because they already have their rental and download section for video.

It's sad really because o these reasons.

The browser doesn't seem to work well even though it has flash 9 support.

The PSN video store lacks titles and the rental service is limited. IE: rent a movie for $5 that can play a few times. Whats good about Netflix is you can checkout as many movies as you want for roughly $15 a month. That's like 3 rentals on PSN.

Sony isn't changing over to Netflix because the money. It's sad because Netflix has a better library and more bang for your buck. Simply put, the unlimited movies for $15 a month is better then the $5 rentals. The free options use the browser and as I mentioned I don't like it.

dj555555553402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

I dont want to download films either as I have blu ray and freeview has its own movie channels, so why downgrade to a 360 just to use something that shows poorer quality movies and tv than what I already have?

Wacked3402d ago

I wonder if MS may have an exclusive contract with them. Notice how much he praised MS?? Makes you wonder.

youhear3402d ago

Who cares if it don't come to PS3 or WII. We want out games if we want to watch tv we want it on our TV's. PS3 and WII are for games not movies. It also depends on the user or customer and their preferences you know. So in conclusion Really don't care its NETFLIX comes or not I don't watch it at all. If I wanted to watch movies i could just goto Blockbuster website or another website and watch movies. MAn grow up and get a life.

Wacked3402d ago

I agree with you, but have you read all the exposure this has gotten because Netflix had a survey over the weekend on both consoles?

Alcohog3402d ago

I have PlayOn media server. I already have Netflix on my PS3. Win for me, fail for this article.

Wacked3381d ago

It's not directly through Netflix. Even netflix admits that