European PSN Store Update: 26/03/09

The European PSN Update for the 26th of March, 2009, consists of Burn Zombie Burn! for the PS3, alongside some great DLC in the form of the LittleBigPlanet - Buzz! Costume, two Pain packs and the Titan pack for UT III. Full list through the link.

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riksweeney3370d ago

Is it just me, or does inFamous look really weak? I've watched loads of videos now and it just doesn't look all that.

Baba19063370d ago

i think it looks pretty awesome. but the key will be the gameplay. i feel like im going to be playing infamous more than i did gta4

yoghurt3370d ago

Yes your right, it's just you

-GametimeUK-3370d ago

Its not just him... I too think the game looks like utter rubbish... Doesnt look worthy of my attention as a game like Uncharted 2

Bazookajoe_833370d ago

A big sandbox world, great graphics, interesting story, a choice between good and evil and the power seems well balanced. Depends on what youre looking for, in my personal oppinion infamous looks better than prototype. But then again, depends on what youre looking for?

LorD3370d ago

I agree. After watching the vids of InFamous off the PSN, I have no more interest in the game. Its mostly.. meh.

Prototype though, looks awesome.

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Cajun Chicken3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Wooo! Burn Zombie Burn!

Also, I've been waiting for the Pain packs, awesome!

thereapersson3370d ago

I need to get back into Unreal Tournament III and download the updates as well as the Titan Pack. I need to support Epic because they were so kind as to support the PS3 with such quality content as well as an excellent overall gaming experience in the form of UT: III.

na2ru13370d ago

Epic deserves it after all for what they did with UT3. Splitscreen as an update is a lot.

na2ru13370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Some free UT 3 DLC.

Oh, and Ragdoll Kungfu...I sooo can't wait for when it releases. Looks super fun.

whatis3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Er where is the Resistance 2 patch/dlc that was supposed to be released today?

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The story is too old to be commented.