First 'Sex'-rated community game hits Xbox Live

OXM UK reports that Break One Out has received a 3/3 Sex Rating from Microsoft, the first community game on Marketplace to do so.

Break One Out is an Arkanoid clone where you reveal pictures of near-naked ladies on each level.

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Arsenal4Ever3527d ago

10 million copies sold confirmed.

BrunoM3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

360 AAA games is here ... KZ2 eat your heart out .!

( a bad joke but w.e lol )

but w.e if people like it good i dont plan on even trying it if i wanted games like that my friends PC is here for something lol. i want next gen games wen it comes to PS3 and 360 .. not naked girls for that i have a gf and speacial friends ;) wink lol..

Raz3526d ago

Now if only Square Enix would publish FFXXX...a turn-based adult JRPG featuring all the girls of FF in a Playboy-esque castle...yay hentai!


FrankenLife3526d ago

Welcome to the internet. Where there is a near endless supply of naked lady pictures, and you don't even have to play a crappy game to see them.

silenius3526d ago

Now i've seen it all... this is soooo F*cked Up...

FlameBaitGod3526d ago

They need this kinds of games to get sales.

y0haN3526d ago

The girl's a fat fugly biatch.. ugh who would pay money for this.

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Galvanise3527d ago

are fully naked. . .whats the point?

Tempist3526d ago

Exactly. Anyone who pays 200 MS points for crappy tease pics needs to really get to know the internet.

UnwanteDreamz3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Not to mention this one is a butter face...nice body but her face!!!!!!!!!!

Free streaming pr0n FTW.

dalibor3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Wonder if its going to be any fun. I wouldn't mind giving this game a try. Its about time something that is "sex" rated is released & available to purchase for those who please to do so. This really is a whole new generation of gaming.

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The story is too old to be commented.