CVG Preview: God Of War 3

CVG Writes:

"When the credits finally rolled on God Of War II with gaming's angriest man vowing to have his revenge by taking down the Greek Gods no less, every man and dog wanted a piece of God Of War III. A teaser trailer released last summer only hinted at the bloodlust planned in this sequel.

With Kratos standing on a collapsing temple, a former home of the Gods, looking down over his devastation with pride, God Of War III was set up as the defining game in the series, and the final part in Kratos' war with the Gods.

If you thought the hype surrounding Killzone 2 was a big deal, then prepare to be pummelled over the coming year by more hyperbole than a Lily Allen album. Killzone 2 was a warm-up for God Of War III."

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BrunoM3370d ago

God Of War 3 Will be EPIC!!

i cant wait for it day one for me love all other 3 god of war games .. these one will be the best one so i cant wait ...

and e3 cant come soon enuf i want more videos and info on it ..

God Of War 3 Will be EPIC!!

Sitdown3370d ago

that your lack of punctuations and spelling in your post is not a reflection of school work. With that said, I too am ready for GOW 3.

ThatCanadianGuy3370d ago

This is a really good read.Really helps set the mood for the trailers they seen.

Lucky bastards

zaza1263370d ago

Wow sounds amazing but i have one question,
Pressing e will enable Kratos to grab an enemy, such as a skeleton warrior. Pressing e a second time will batter the skeleton; hitting w would then rip the enemy apart.

If you pressed q the skeleton would be hurled, while r would turn the enemy into a makeshift battering ram.
Is it just me or does my ps3 controller not have an e,r,q or w button?
But still wow!

LeonSKennedy4Life3370d ago

Judging from the placement of those buttons on a keyboard, I would have to say they were using a very rough cut of it on a PC. That's where games are made.

Ischan3370d ago

My wallet is warming up already...


I don't know if those are in game, or what, but the screens CVG have look like paintings furreal! I think some of them are. But I cant tell the difference between IN GAME and PAINTING.

I can't wait. Wow

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The story is too old to be commented.