Wolfenstein 3D on the way to XBLA/PSN

DarkZero: "Via a ratings update on the ESRB website, it has been revealed that id will be brining Wolfenstein 3D to both Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3."

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Cajun Chicken3526d ago

OH YES!!!!

(Yes, that called for a fourth exclamation mark than usual when I'm excited, hey, it could even deserve 5)

zdonit3526d ago

Very much want, uncensored please

-EvoAnubis-3526d ago

Meh. Sorry, but seriously - meh. If it were Final Doom or something, I'd care. But the original Wolfenstein? I played, loved, beat, played more, played more, beat again, played a bit more, then got bored with this game almost fifteen years ago.

Final Doom? I'd be interested. Rise of the Triad? Interested. Duke Nukem 3D? Sign me up!

Wolfenstein 3D? You may as well ask me to get excited about Duck Hunt.

Droid Control3526d ago

Add that to


i already have on XBLA...

sunnyhours3526d ago

I wonder if it looks better on PS3 or 360? Can I get some screen comparisons please?!?!

iilluminate3526d ago

I was wondering the same thing.

Will probably get the iPhone version though. When at home something like Call of Duty or Halo makes more sense.

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