Sloppy Seconds for the PC

Are you a PC Gamer? If so, then you most likely feel like a second-class citizen as your beloved PC games take a backseat to consoles. You eagerly anticipate a game that received rave reviews on a console, only to discover it's been lazily converted. Today, 411's Jonny Richardson stands up for you, the PC gaming fan, because one thing is for sure, the developers don't care about you.

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lsujester3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

*Looks at wrist* I miss the 80's.

Yeah, PC versions are often just lazy ports from 360 versions. But occasionally, something like Mass Effect comes along and is actually much improved on a PC.

The best answer for me is owning both.

caladbolg7773370d ago

Or in the case of any of Valve's products, we PC gamers are getting the better deal.

lsujester3370d ago

Amen to that. Too bad Valve is so slow getting anything out, especially since they use the same engine for everything.

JsonHenry3370d ago

The only games we get that are "crappy" ports are games with a bad control scheme for KB+M. But I just use my 360 controller for games like Dead Space to fix that problem.

The only thing that I don't like about consoles is that a lot of the game are dumbed down. Or at least we as PC gamers KNOW it is dumbed down. Most console guys disagree with us - but that is because they have never spent much time playing any PC games at all.

For the most part though I have not been let down by a majority of console to PC releases.

anubis123370d ago

sounds like the ps3 getting sloppy seconds in mutli titles lol

youhear3370d ago

You cant compare a PC toa console game. But yet everyone is jumping on the consoles. But IMO the PC is in a league of its own. So leave the PC gamers out of this little hissy fit between the consoles. The PC have games better thats made for the PC and it should stay on the PC. So if they port it over they should do a good job, but i really think that the Xcrap cant handle the the PC version of the games cause it needs to be downsided to work on the Xcrap. As for the PS3 they need to do better in converting over to the PS3 cause the PS3 can handle what the PC can do and more with out even upgrading.

Xbrainer3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

This really hasn't bothered me being a PC gamer since it seems like when Devs make a good PC game it usually has massive re-playability. Hell I've been playing WoW and Diablo 2 for years and still playing Cod 4 on a regular basis and most recently DoW 2. The only thing is that I have Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2 for PC and I cant bring myself to play them with the horrible controls.

Edit: and o yea that little section in gamestop where they keep PC games is always full of great deals.