Blizzard in Talks with Microsoft for Next Xbox

Blizzard's Rob Pardo has confirmed that his company has had talks with Microsoft about the successor to the Xbox 360.

Speaking at the Luminaries Lunch today during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Pardo would only state that Blizzard is actively in discussions with Microsoft, seemingly confirming the development process of new console hardware is under way.

However, other developers at the lunch have not spoken to either Microsoft or Sony about future plans, which has raised concerns that content isn't a priority for format holders as they plan the next-generation of home machines.

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Daz3403d ago

ms should ram has much memory as can into the console and a much bigger hard drive. just for starters.

jammy_703403d ago

i agree

i mean the nxt xbox/platsation should have goggles and actually put you in the game

what more can a console do???

Mike134nl3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

can't wait for the 3d games
Should have solid state hard drive
new optical disc with faster reading speed (where did the holographic disc go)
and motion webcam tech as a standard

XLiveGamer3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

The next console should have:
-Upgradable HDD mandatory
-Blu Ray or Pionner new format
-Internet Browser
-8.1 surround sound -dammit i cant wait to have an speaker on the roof jiji- ;)
-Voice Command to control the system
-Ninja Gaiden game on 1st day
-And Xbox Live with out "Trixie 360" please!

thats_just_prime3403d ago

MS and sony both start working on their next system almost as soon as they finished the current one. They start working on idea of what they want in the next system how they can improve over the current ones. What the interface will like, what color the system will be, what the design of the system will look like.

So just cause they are talking about it doesnt mean we will be seeing it anytime soon. My guess as to why they are talking to blizzard is to try to get them to make games for it. Right now blizzard doesnt care about console owners

boodybandit3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Pachter said there will be no more consoles in the future. /sarcasm

What I would like to see from MS with their future hardware is to be able to use non proprietary perps. It would be nice if you could use 3rd party USB/Bluetooth (or what ever the future holds next) controllers, keyboards/mice, racing wheels, hard drive/memory/flash cards, cabling, etc...

I would "pay" for a patch/upgrade if MS would allow me to use my Logitech G25 on the 360 when Forza 3 is released. I know they most likely wont but I don't want to go through that again next gen.

FlameBaitGod3403d ago

How much RAM do you guys think all the next gen consoles will have ?

HDgamer3403d ago

Ignorance is bliss why would this be the next console generation? The game industry is making tons of money, more than the movie industry. It would be stupid for them to stop making consoles and games all together. The only way video games will end is when it's been forced to end.

JsonHenry3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

What more? Until we achieve photo realism in games that is always one thing to look forward to. Better physics, more control options (gamepad,motion sensor,KB+M) 3D, better sound options (like the 8.1 standard) and more functionality.

** EDIT - @ the guy above. I am going to make two guesses. I am going to say that they have about 4gigs of DDR3 RAM (which will be outdated at the time as consoles always are). And they will ALL have upgradeable HDDs.

Anon19743403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

boodybandit said "But, but, but....Pachter said there will be no more consoles in the future. /sarcasm"
No, what Pachter said is there's a good chance that next gen the industry will standardize and launch one console for all to develop on thus taking the strain off the developers having to make a game for multiple consoles and also taking the huge R&D costs off just one company. As I mentioned below it makes sense for the industry to standarize consoles like how DVD players play the same format, Blu-Ray players have differences but all play the same disks, etc.

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Droid Control3403d ago

Why would M$ consult Blizzard about the Xbox 720?
What about console game makers?

I sense failure for the Xbox 720...

Bob Dole3403d ago

These are not the droids you're looking for...

ShabzS3403d ago

and do something about the dvd's... or just let the next box be with upgradable regular laptop hard drives like ps3 has so we can upgrade to terbaites ... and utilize it like pc ... pop disc install with folders and play.... the 360 install feature is just an iso image it wont help in anything.... but with pc like install features theres maximum potential gauranteed

Bob Dole3403d ago

But if they let you use SATA HDD's they won't make any money off their proprietary drives.

ShabzS3403d ago

well something has to be done about the dvd... either install or make a deal with the blu ray board for a bluray player on next box...

STONEY43403d ago

Sony would never do a Blu-Ray deal with Microsoft, it's their competition. And Microsoft probably won't let you change the hard drive with any SATA laptop drive knowing the money greedy company they are.

II Necroplasm II3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Sony does not "own" Bluray. I don't think Microsoft will go with it anyways just because Sony would get a piece of that pie.

But they might who knows

They would not even have to worry about it if they made the 360 with the built in HDDVD drive, because then HDDVD would might be still alive knowing everyone who bought an Xbox 360 would have bought HDDVD's to start with instead of buying a $200 add on for the console. also games being put on the 30 gig disk.

Pebz3403d ago

Despite popular belief, these companies in it for the money first, destroying their evil arch nemesis (or whatever relation people think they have with eachother) second.

If Sony sees (long-term) profit from allowing Microsoft to use Blu-ray, they will probably allow it. Likewise, Microsoft would use Blu-ray for the same reasons, even if having to pay a fee to Sony.

Eiffel3403d ago

There is a huge difference between competition and basic company moves. As we all know Sony's laptops uses Windows OS despite being software by their competition in the game division. And seeing how Blu-ray is a media format and its main focus is not entirely devoted to games. I don't see the problem with Microsoft getting a slice like Pioneer and so many others have. You have to move forward and Blu-ray will be standard for sometime on consoles in the future. I can't really see Microsoft staying true to Digital Downloads.

And this is coming from a 360 owner.

JsonHenry3403d ago

I wonder how MS is going to deal with that issue. Sony WOULD license Blu-ray to them because it is too much money to be made.

But I don't think that MS is going to go for that. They like to be able to control their costs too much. So whatever format they use for game delivery will be interesting to see. I doubt that they will feel the time is right for Digital Download only. But I can't see any option outside of Blu-Ray or DD that will allow a game to fit on one disc or go without using a disc period.

Unless they want to go the route of a proprietary disc format to curb piracy?

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buckethead_9113403d ago

Didnt Patcher say that this generation of consoles is the last one?

Anon19743403d ago

Pachter said that console makers would be reluctant to release subsequent consoles over the next 10 years and the industry could move towards a standard console because there's no money in it. And he's got a point. It looks like neither the 360 nor the PS3 have a chance to even break even before it's all done (well, the PS3 might with the longer lifespan).

Already, financial analysts are predicting that MS could drop the console market and just focus on software where they've been traditionally stronger or, as Shane Kim of Microsoft said last year, develop a cheaper console following Nintendo's lead. Shane Kim also spoke of digital distribution being the way of the next console, eliminating physical media. After a decade now of a games division that can't seem to make any money despite the strength of their product it just comes down to business.
As a gamer, quite frankly I'm concerned about what the future holds. For those of us that love the cutting edge tech of new consoles - the Wii's been a dangerous thing in the face of the cost of developing the PS3 and the cost/hardware issues that Microsoft has struggled with. If a standard format appears and video games consoles become like DVD/Blu-Ray players, different makers using the same format, who will lead that charge?

shocky163403d ago

MS broke even last year, and according to Sony the PS3 is going to break even this year.

Anon19743403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

When you look at Microsoft's last quarter over the holidays, sales were up, revenue was up yet profit was down 60% year over year. Well, how can that be? What changed? The answer is the price cut, which means Microsoft is quite possibly taking a loss on hardware again.

Either way, that's not what I was referring to. I was referring to the losses incurred during the R&D phase and the initial pricing points of each system and, in Microsoft's case, the money spent related to hardware issues. Both Microsoft and Sony started off this generation with losses in the billions. It's those initial losses that don't look will ever be recouped for Microsoft before the 360 winds down. Sony might be able to make up those loses, but only due to the extended lifespan of the PS3.

JsonHenry3403d ago

Yeah, last I read on MS and Nintendo have been making money for over a year and half. And Sony is about to start breaking into the black as early as this 3Q this year.

There IS money in it. Just not as much as MS or Sony would like for all their hard work.

If there truly was no money in it - we all know they would have bailed out a long time ago.

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Zephyrus_8083403d ago

Patcher's wrong then, I guess.

byeGollum3403d ago

when was patcher ever right?

Anon19743403d ago

He's got a pretty good track record. Even when it appears he's wrong with a prediction, time ultimately vindicates him. His opinions are never to be taken lightly.

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