Valve yanks dev from contest -- topic was sex

Make a game about blowing zombies' heads off? Great! Make a game about losing your virginity? Oh, heck no!

Video game developer Valve pulled one of its star designers from this year's Game Developers' Conference annual design competition reportedly because the topic was entitled "My first time."

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Bob Dole3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Bob Dole's confused... they took her off and replaced her with two chicks? Why?

Pebz3370d ago

Could be just that reason, they wanted to show two insted of one.

lsujester3370d ago

Well, I would think because those two were handicapped by time. They were late getting into the contest, so they got to tag team in order to catch up.

But for me, this really goes to show how sad the moralistic values in this country are. We can shoot, stab, burn, blow up, decapitate, and generally murder anyone or anything in a game or movie, but when it comes to something completely natural like sex, it is completely taboo and restricted.

Look at me on my soapbox. *Sigh*

Giriath3370d ago

Valve took their employee off and GDC staff had to find replacements.

Menchi3370d ago

I'd agree with what they did.

As much as we can go around killing, blowing things up and the like, 9 times out of 10, there's no emotional connection between yourself and what's going on, on screen.

A game, solely about someone's first time, something that is -supposed- to be intimate, meaningful and kept between two people, being made into something for entertainment? That just reeks of bad taste, and violation.

FantasyStar3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

The porn industry disagrees with you. They film virgins getting popped all the time, you just don't see it and that stuff sells. Don't even get me started on Japanese anime porn.

What Valve did was hypocritical and I hope they get crucified for it, despite winning the contest. People take sex stuff way too seriously and blow it out of proportion. Unless the removed developer person intended to offend people, get off her (virtual)nuts people.

Oh, in case none of you guys read the article, the developer that got pulled is a ****ing GIRL. Kim Swift. Portal Designer.

I know I'm going to get flamed for this big time, but the people that protest that sex is more dangerous than violence is your renegade bible-thumping Christian do-gooder. -Sorry, I've seen this crap happen time and time again and it's always some religious person wielding a book saying that sex is a sin because he says so and some book says so, yet thousands of years of murder under the name God is ok?!

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Pixel_Addict3370d ago

Murder, Blood, Guns, Gore, Death, Zombies, Decapitation... yes, more please. Sex, love, intimacy, pleasure, Gabe- "Eeewwww, yucky."

Magna Farta3370d ago

I agree completely...this concept of "wuv" probably confuses and irritates the Gabe Newell.

One more reason for me to hate Valve and continue NOT giving them my money. I mean, their own "Portal" dev? That's not just a slap in the face, that's a red hot steel spike in the ass.

youhear3370d ago

WEll for Xcrap they are way behind the curve cause its been done long time ago like say Leisure Suit Larry 1 to 5 and plus the other games that follow. Guess they are running out of IDEAS to make games for the Xcrap but yet. Xcrap fans says that they have more games coming out for Xcrap. So for the PS3 they are not running out of IDEAS they have a great team and ppl that really thing of games that gamers really like to see. Valve needs to get their upper heads in the game and make real games. Any one can make a sex game i'm small programmer I can make one if I wanted to. Well i leave the rest to you guys.

GamerEdie3370d ago

Ummm... did you even read the story? Hell, did you even read the description completely??!

This story has nothing whatsoever to do with Xbox. Wow. Just.... wow.

2Negative3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Sex is a natural part of life. How many of us have had or are going to have sex compared to the number of us who have or going to kill someone. I really don't get why sex is looked at as such a bad thing. I can buy a book that has a sex scene, I can buy a movie that has a sex scene. In either case you can find plenty of these where the books and movies are not porn. The sex scene was simply used as part of the plot. In allot of cases the scenes where tastefully done and not offensive. Why can't video games do the same? Gamers and game makers keep hoping that the video game industry becomes a serious and well respeted industry but then they do childish things like Valve has. Until we give game makers the freedom to tell the stories they want without handicapping them, we will never see gaming taken seriously.

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