360Sync: Vibras 5.1 Headset Review

360Sync writes: "First off, I would like to state that I have had these for a while. If it was any other game/piece of equipment, this review would have gone out much earlier. The problem is, I have had other headsets besides the default voice headset for the 360, ones with the sound all coming through the headset and I have had one large problem with them. Durability. Not with the physical headset though, the speakers. I like my sound and music loud and I'd manage to blow the speakers. I wanted to put these through the ringer before I put them up for review, and let me tell you, I have. I may have lost a little hearing, but let me tell you they stand up to the test. I've shot Brutes, chainsawed friends, and rocked out till my hands couldn't take it, all with the speakers blasting and they are still going strong. They also have helped me play better with it pinpointing with fairly good accuracy plenty of Boomers and Hunters in Left 4 Dead..."

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