Three versions of Halo 3 coming

Microsoft has confirmed that three editions of Halo 3 will be available when the game launches later this year.

First up is the plain old Standard Edition which is comprised of the standalone disc, plus a box and manual.

Then there's the Legendary Edition which will be released "in limited quantities", according to a statement. It will come with a collectable Spartan helmet case, Halo 3 storyboard art and two bonus discs.

And last the Limited Edition version of Halo 3 which will come in a shiny metal case. Along with the first bonus disc from the Legendary Edition, you'll get a Halo fiction and art book which features a guide to the game's universe and previously unseen material.

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Keyser4292d ago

And I will buy the standard edition because it's just a game. I know many cultist who will purchase the helmet and extra discs. I'm glad that it's available but as long as the game itself is sold then that's all I need.

BIGBAER4292d ago

I'll get them both, one to play and the other for a rainy day.

Rooted_Dust4292d ago

If Halo comes with a helmet then Half Life 2 should come with a crow-bar. You should probably buy the standard and the Legendary if you can, but don't open the legendary one. You never know what could become collectible.

Rasputin20114292d ago

I stopped myself from pre-ordering the Legendary edition and just going with the limited edition because I feel the same regarding the Legendary edition...Like that should NOT be opened because if that became a collectable it would be worth a "pretty penny" down the road.

Yo Wassap4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

I'm going to get the limited edition simply because it's cheaper and not as pointless as the legendary edition. It's also better quality than the standard and will barely more expensive so fine by me.

EDIT: oops i got the two mixed up, i'll be getting the standard oppose to limited. Who thought that system up?

EDIT again: no i didn't get them mixed up the other article was just mixed up, this is just pointless now

deadeyes994291d ago

who would want all that other c*ap it's not like your guna wear the damn helmet or actualy read or watch those books, i bought the collectores edition of oblivion and i still have yet to read the manual let alone watch the bonus footage, crazy people today.

JasonXE4291d ago

is coming on the next xbox... isn't it obvious?