X-Play: Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time Review

Played with one or more friends Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time can be good, if fairly mindless, fun. The dungeon crawls don't get terribly challenging until the final boss fights, but the puzzles that must be unraveled before facing down those monsters offer just enough resistance. And those trips back to town feel like a shopping spree, with items to craft and customize. There are also a handful of fun multiplayer mini-games to tackle. Some call for teamwork. Others are all-out brawls.

These side quests are all surprisingly fun and offer yet another way to scrounge for loot. It's been almost a decade. But Square Enix, taking notes from their MMOs and cribbing heavily from Diablo, has made a fun, super-connective actioner out of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. Now all they need to figure out is how to make the name of the game shorter.

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