X-Play: GDC 09: OnLive Preview

Steve Perlman, founder and CEO of OnLive, talks to Adam Sessler about his company's new on-demand video game delivery service.

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Durffen3526d ago

I really hope this thing lives up to the hype. I know everyone is talking about how this thing will fail, but all the hands-on impressions have been relatively positive.

I don't think it will completely drive out the consoles. The consoles themselves have plenty of first and second party games to keep me buying them. Gears and Halo for 360, Resistance and Killzone for PS3, and Mario and Zelda titles for Wii.

I've always wanted to try PC gaming, but I have a laptop that I got back in 05, so it can't run anything. But with OnLive, hopefully, it will be able to run all games.